• Media: pencil, paint, photography
  • Artist working with found and taken images.

ARTIST PROFILE: Gabrielle Longhi is a photographer based in Los Angeles working in still life, product and editorial photography, as well as black and white, palladium and iris prints. Longhi has exhibited work in galleries in New York, California and Hawaii. Her work includes books, editorial and fine art. She at CalArts and received a BFA from New York University Film School.

FEATURED WORKIn this series I work with intuitively constructed images. I use elements from painting, collage, drawing and an uninhibited use of materials and process to fuel imagination. The work layers materials, shapes and patterns to create a dense image using cultural artifacts as subject matter. The use of color is critical to the emotional content of the image. A sense of the past somewhere in a buried memory is suggested. The combination of bright colors, nostalgia and found props transcend the meaning of any particular object and invite the viewers to their own interpretation.